Baby MORI has arrived

The MORI story

Cam & Akin are two Uncles that decided to create something a little different when searching for the most perfectly useful gift for our nieces and nephews. Finding something that parents actually needed & wanted, crafted from the highest quality organic materials for a reasonable price became something of an enduring task. That’s when MORI was conceived & a new way of design, shopping and gifting was brought into the world.

MORI is Japanese for forest and is a subtle nod to the purity of nature. The inspiration comes from Scandinavian and Japanese concepts that focus on natural aspects paired with sleek styles, which compliment the environment. Protecting the world is as vital to MORI, as protecting your baby & that’s why MORI use bamboo and organic cotton, as it’s soft like cashmere, anti-bacterial, breathable and sustainable. They always want you to feel your baby is in secure & snug hands with us.

Comfort, ease and necessity are always what MORI have at the forefront of our minds when they are coming up with new essential items and by constantly leveraging the latest technology they always trying to lead the way by innovating new ways to shop that make the whole process easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

Our Philosophy

MORI are all about simplifying the early stages of parenthood & making this new adventure as straightforward as possible. MORI know that keeping baby feeling safe & comfortable is a constant worry for you, so they created organic, soft and environmentally conscious designs that you and baby will love. We want to give you peace of mind that your little ones will only come into contact with natural yarns, which have been ethically sourced and free from anything nature didn’t intend.

We hope you love the brand as much as we do……

Gemma and Daisy x