Spring Collection of Teething Jewellery & Toys

Teething jewellery and chew toys are literally the best invention. When Daisy was tiny, all she wanted to do all the time was grab and bite my necklaces or tug on my bracelets. Our new collection from Blossom and Bear will solve all your problems, and they look super chic and stylish. 

In this collection, we worked closely with Sarah from Blossom and Bear to create and develop the tethers & introduce marble effect silicone beads which make the jewellery and toys look so chic.

Colours are so important for babies and Sarah created a gorgeous brights chew ring and when tested, the babies were so drawn to the bright colours.

Unfornately we can’t make teething so away, but we can certainly help sore gums with our new collection.

Happy shopping,

Gemma & Daisy xx