Too Wordy

Founder, Maeve Brooks, started her Too Wordy adventure in 2013 after years of working in various roles within the design sector. A small design and paper goods brand, Too Wordy is a product of her passion for all things creative, offering a complete range of contemporary hand lettered goods including greetings cards, prints and tote bags.

Originally created by hand using black Indian ink and a Japanese brush pen, her designs are inspired by childhood memories of sending receiving cards and the sentimental tradition of ‘snail-mail’. With a growing collection of fun and playful designs, Too Wordy is all about celebrating the gift of every day.

Quality and sustainability are the most important aspect of Maeve’s design process. Each of her products, from the paper stock used for her cards to the cotton used for her totes bags, are sourced responsibly and chosen for their friendliness to our earth.

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